Are you on tenterhooks and going through a myriad of emotions ranging from sheer glee to absolute terror? If you are, then don’t worry you are experiencing what every first-time entrepreneur goes through.

Starting a new business or a trading orion code adventure is not easy; there are several financial, legal, and human resource hurdles that you have to cross before you can breathe easy. You will be flummoxed with many unanswered questions in addition to the often misplaced and unwarranted advice given by well-meaning friends. Thankfully the following tips will make the journey less arduous and more enjoyable.

Tips for start-up owners

Right here, right now

Pope John Paul II rightly said that the future starts today and not tomorrow. Don’t wait for that perfect moment when all variables will be in your favor; it’s not going to happen. The first step to success is to take immediate action.

Go for business that can grow and has market

As a new entrant to the field of business, you will need finance. Investors will only invest in products or services that have a market and show the potential for growth. Consequently, choose a business you have knowledge about and are passionate because it is your passion that will lead to the growth of your startup.

Be penny wise

Many a startup buckles down due to poor financial management. Always ensure that your balance sheet is in order and you have no overdue. Cut on all the unnecessary expenditure and be as niggardly as possible. Of course, when the cash starts flowing in you can relax a bit.

Network Network Network

The importance of networking in building a business can’t be underestimated. Make it a point to attend other startup events in the same field and develop new contacts – you don’t know which one of them will be an investor, a mentor or a productive employee. When you connect with others in the same field you can be updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Check out your competition

Only when you have something that is different and unique will you be able to make a place for yourself. To be different you must know what your competitors are doing; what are the new marketing strategies they have adopted and what new developments are they utilizing to further their business.

Be ever ready with your pitch

You might run into a prospective investor or a partner, you never know; it is prudent to have your story ready. Make a compelling, short and to the point pitch. Your speech must include your goals and how you plan to achieve them, and why are you different. Have a detailed presentation ready to further explain your idea.

Be open to new ideas and innovations

New ideas and great marketing strategies can come from anywhere; be open to them. Always weigh the pros and cons of every idea that comes your way and adopt. Do not neglect any idea on the basis of who gave it – your junior or a customer. Remember Bill Gates once said that you learn a lot from unhappy customers.

First-rate customer service

Excellent customer service will get you more customers than any marketing strategy. A satisfied customer will draw his or her friends and associates. Appreciate each and every one of you customers with personalized emails and show them you care.

Hard work never goes waste; let your passion lead the way as you embark on the fascinating journey of startups.